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I offer an array of services to help you and your child overcome behavioral roadblocks. I work with families and children across the developmental spectrum.

Q&A Seminar


I am available for workshops and seminars focusing on various parenting topics, including but not limited to picky eating, sleep concerns, toilet training, combating tantruming, and positive approaches to raising children. As a dynamic and engaging presenter, I travel across the country to help parents gain skills and confidence to become the best parents possible.

Therapist speaking to a rehab group at therapy session.jpg


A group of 4-6 parents meet on a weekly basis to discuss parenting strategies and how they relate to each participant's child. Held in a participant's home each week or via video conferencing, these groups provide support to parents as well as suggestions that can be used at home and reviewed in the next week's session.

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I provide support via telemental health to families in Florida, Pennsylvania, and residents of participating PSYPACT states. I can help you learn the best strategies that work for your child and for your family. Concerns include: picky eating, tantruming, sleep disruptions/sleep training, toileting, not listening, sibling conflict, or other behaviors causing stress at home.

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